your story deserves only the highest quality presentation

Before receiving your gallery and downloading your images it’s so important to me that you get to experience your photos in a unique and tangible way. You will receive in the post a beautiful set of 50 - 6" x 4" fine art prints showing the highlights of your day. A print that you can hold in your hands has such a wonderful characteristic about it, a real tangible beauty. I truly believe that in the current digital age it is so important to not only view, but to be able to physically hold and experience your photographs. You spend more time digesting an image in print and taking in all the little details, compared to just scrolling endlessly on your phone and not fully focusing on the picture as a whole and the story that it tells.

The prints are made with fine art museum quality paper and they give a great example of what your photos will look like if you or your family and friends decide to get them printed from the online store in your gallery.

I designed a minimalist, but equally beautiful box to compliment the prints, house them and be something that you can proudly display out on the coffee table for family and other guests to view at a convenience.