An expert at capturing people at their purest - there’s not a single thing staged about Lewis’ work - he has this weird ability to take photos of me that I actually really love.
— Beccy Givens
As a multi-faceted creative he understands the importance of the small details and creates a story of your special day.
— Sophie Symes
Very kind, approachable and easy-going, while remaining professional - he has a wealth of skills and knowledge which he is modest about, but result in him being a great photographer - He has his own style and an eye for detail, but is keen to achieve the wants of the client too.
— Amy McCranor
Lewis has a natural ability to put you at ease and get the best out of you. I can’t recommend him enough, he’s an imaginative, dedicated and exceptional photographer in both wedding and portrait shoots.

He has a good eye for detail, light, position, location and is brimming with ideas to make a really creative day.

A delight to work with and a genuinely a really decent guy, I’d book him again in a heartbeat. You won’t be disappointed!
— Timothy Hoad